Feeling' The Love from our Sensi Crusaders

Feeling' The Love from our Sensi Crusaders

 As 2015 comes to an end, we can't wait another minute to post a shout out to our devoted and ever-so-loyal Sensi crusaders. Where would we be without those individuals who worship and praise the quality and craftsmanship of our Italian sandals? Sensis were created and perfected back in 1962, and the design hasn't changed much since then, but the benefits continue to help and satisfy need feet from near and far. Read for yourself, here are just a few of the very special Sensi Sandal rave reviews. We love hearing from you. Don't stop wearing (and writing) to us. Send a photo too so we can spread the love! 

Sensi Sandals

I have been purchasing these sandals since spring 1999 and have bought 1 to 2 new pair every year. They are simply the most comfortable summer sandal I have ever worn. When I first started buying these sandals I paid under $25 a pair. The price has gone up over the years, but I feel the way they last and the extreme comfort is worth the additional money. Do your self a favor and buy the slip-on sandal (Regatta Ice) with the bubbles!" Blissful in Charlotte, NC

Best Sandals Ever - These are the only sandals I've worn since I was a child. I have tried others, but nothing compares. After a longer than expected break-in period, they are the most comfortable sandals in the world. I want nothing else. Stilianos in CA

Ibiza - I've had these sandals for years & they've held up great! They have good support & are a MUST for both the pool & beach!"
Probably someone on vacation

Barcelona Great Investment - I bought these to shower at the gym and they are great! They do not mold, they dry very quickly and very easy to carry in my gym buy. I consider this a great investment!
Lola from LA

Regatta Basic - Excellent sandals! I LOVE these sandals... Have had my old pair for 10-15 years.. Buying another pair.
Susan, Satisfied in Fairfax, VA

Need we say more? 
We Thank You From The Bottom of Our Soles!

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