Back – To – School in Sensi Sandals

Back – To – School in Sensi Sandals

Sensi Sandals

As much as the thought of your Summer vacation being nearly over makes you sad and depressed, you need to find ways to refocus that energy and start preparing for another great SCHOOL year ahead! Packing, getting organized, stocking up on college necessities, such as backpacks, iPhones, tablets, heaphones and … shower sandals? Yes, acquiring a few good pairs of waterproof shower sandals is crucial to having a healthy, productive, college experience; especially if you’re facing a few years of dorm life, communal showers and campus gyms … eeeek! Can you say germ-infested and fungus-filled environments? With enough other things for you, or your parents, to worry about, you can put this problem out-of-mind, by protecting your young, soft, healthy feet at school this year with a pair, or two, of Sensi Sandals.The rugged material is 100% waterproof and anti-fungal.

The soles are slip-resistant, thick and durable, protecting your feet from hot, cold and soapy surfaces. Thong flip flops (Maui Monte CarloIbiza) or slide-ons (Regatta BasicCapri Classic), Sensi Sandals offers both styles to suite any student’s preference. All styles feature Sensi’s patented water drainage system. Tiny holes in the footbed help to drain water out and circulate dry air back in, as you walk back to your room. This keeps your clean, fungus-free feet, cool and dry, all over campus. No more germs! Sensi Sandals are absolutely perfect for dirty, dorm showers and gyms, or slippery, communal bathroom and pool environments.

What else could you ask your parents for … besides a car and your own apartment?

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