Buying Shower Sandals for College Dorm Environments

Buying Shower Sandals for College Dorm Environments

Shower Sandals come in a variety of styles and materials. Sandal manufacturers keep track of trending developments for slide, shower sandals all around the world, and relay the most common student requests and expectations through new designs, color and technologies. When it comes to utility-based design, we can talk about durability and function, and the wide range of sandals you can find under these categories; shower sandals and waterproof sandals. Sensi Sandals are crafted from the most durable, water resistant materials.

Sensi Sandals utilize a unique, patented foot bed. Perforations in the foot bed allow water, sand and soap to flow through and be drained out of side ports as you walk. Cooling air flows through underfoot. Moisture build-up, home to mold, bacteria and mildew are alleviated, resulting in dry, comfortable, healthy feet ... a key feature for all students in any high traffic, shared, dorm shower! The waterproof material makes these dorm shower sandals quick to dry, antibacterial/anti fungal, machine washable and odor-free! The design of Sensi Sandals allows you to walk on slippery, hot and watery surfaces, both indoors and out, with added grip under your feet, so you won’t slip.

Another Sensi Sandals style popular in college dorm environments are flip-flops.Flip flops are a much sought after style sandal, by both men and women. Sensi’s unisex, Italian styling offers loyal customers the best in waterproof sandals. Shock-absorbing, skid-resistant soles protect feet from hot, hard, rough and wet surfaces. The contoured, flip flop foot bed, comfortably supports toes, arch and heel. Made from lightweight PVC, any water will shed from the non-porous material and will not harbor any bacteria or odors. Sensi Sandals’ colors are permanent and will not fade, keeping your look on campus fresh and stylish. Visit for a complete range of waterproof, shower-dorm sandals that enable you to choose the perfect sandal this semester!

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