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Sensi Sandals

Maui - London Thong Sandal - Blue

Maui - London Thong Sandal - Blue

Sensi Sandals' Maui

Sleek, thong style sandal with Sensi's patented, built-in drainage system for water/sand/soap, which helps circulate the air underfoot, keeping feet cool and dry. Maui's also offer arch support and a toe grip on a slip-resistant sole. Your forever, waterproof flip-flop.


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What are Sensi Sandals?

Sensi Sandals feature a unique patented footbed that allows water, sand, and soap to flow through and be drained out of side ports, preventing moisture build-up and promoting healthy, dry feet. The sandals also promote optimal airflow, keeping feet cool and comfortable.

Are Sensi Sandals True to Size?

Sensi Sandals are based on European, unisex sizing; therefore most Sensi styles will run one full size smaller than U.S. (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE MONTE CARLO AND THE RAINBOOTS) Women’s sizing and about one and a half sizes smaller than U.S. Men’s sizing. You will need to order these styles of Sensi Sandals (except the Monte Carlo and the Rainboots) one full size larger than your U.S. shoe size for Women, and one and a half size larger than your U.S. shoe size for Men. Please see size chart below for comparisons.

Are Sensi Sandals waterproof?

Sensi Sandals are made with waterproof material that dries quickly and is easy to clean, making them ideal for spa and resort environments. With their exceptional comfort, functionality, and hygiene, Sensi Sandals are the perfect choice for all your summertime adventures.

What material are Sensi Sandals made from?

Sensi Sandals are made from lightweight, durable PVC, which is 100% waterproof, sheds water, and is soft against your skin. The non-porous material will not harbor bacteria or odors.

What makes Sensi Sandals comfortable to wear?

Sensi Sandals have a contoured footbed that comfortably supports toes, arch, and heel, keeping your foot securely in place. The straps and soles are soft and flexible, allowing them to move with your feet, and conform to their shape.

Are Sensi Sandals safe to wear on different surfaces?

Yes, Sensi Sandals have a shock-absorbing, skid-resistant sole that protects your feet from hot sand, hard tile, rough concrete, and surface bacteria. The soles are non-marking.

Are Sensi Sandals easy to clean?

Yes, Sensi Sandals are easy to clean. They are machine washable, and colors are permanent and will not fade. Simply shake off the excess water and let them dry in open air.

What are the health benefits of Sensi Sandals?

Sensi Sandals have massage bubbles on their 'Ice' models that aid in increased blood flow to other parts of the body or reflexology while you walk, providing extraordinary health benefits.

Where have Sensi Sandals been featured?

Sensi Sandals have been featured on The Oprah Show, in Vogue, Elle, Fitness, Shape, Conde Nast Traveler, American Spa, Skin Inc., Playboy, and Glamour Magazines.

What awards have Sensi Sandals won?

Sensi Sandals have won the American Spa Professionals Choice Awards for 15 consecutive years.